Lone Echo (Ready at Dawn)

Development Info


Role: Narrative Technical Designer
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Engine: RAD Engine (proprietary, Maya based)
Platform: PC (Oculus Rift)
Time on Team: February 2017 – Present
  • Zero-gravity navigation, letting players move by physically grabbing and pushing off of the environment
  • A compelling and personal sci-fi narrative with branching dialogue options
  • High fidelity environments that create an immersive VR experience
  • Puzzles and obstacles that take advantage of VR and navigation in zero-gravity
  • A 5-8 hour experience complete with optional missions and audio logs, delivering one of VRs first AAA experiences

Game Overview

In Lone Echo’s single player story, you’ll be transported to an advanced mining facility within the rings of Saturn, complete with a detailed space station, expansive outer-space environments, and interactive space equipment. Taking on the role of Jack—an advanced artificial intelligence with a state-of-the-art synthetic body—you’ll help Captain Olivia Rhodes solve an increasingly threatening mystery as you use futuristic tools, clever problem solving, and interactive dialogue to engage with the world around you. Taking advantage of the Oculus Touch controllers and full 360° gameplay, Lone Echo lets you take a hands-on approach to exploring space unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

One of the most acclaimed and successful VR titles of all time, Lone Echo has an 89 on Metacritic, and remains the top selling title on the Oculus store nearly 5 months after its release. It has received acclaim from Polygon, VentureBeat, Destructoid and IGN and even been called the Oculus Rift’s “Super Mario 64 moment” by Tech Radar. It has also been nominated for multiple awards, including Best VR Experience in IGN’s Best of 2017 Awards and Best VR/AR Game at The Game Awards.


  • Wrote in-game dialogue for multiple main storyline missions, side missions, optional point-of-interest objects and tutorials
  • Devised a storyline and wrote all of the dialogue for the game’s collectible audio logs
  • Worked with the rest of the narrative team to solve narrative problems as they arose and adjust the overall storyline based on feedback
  • Implemented branching dialogue and mission progression via visual scripting
  • Fixed both narrative and mission/level design bugs in script and Maya
  • Implemented POI and objective markers across the game in Maya
  • Imported dialogue into the game with proprietary tools and fixed audio/dialogue bugs in Wwise