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Professional Work

Lone Echo
Ready At Dawn
Role: Narrative Tech. Designer
Engine: RAD Engine
Feb. 2017 – Present

Lone Echo is a critically acclaimed, narrative driven adventure developed exclusively for the Oculus Rift, where the player explores, navigates and solves puzzles in a zero gravity environment.


  • Wrote in-game dialogue for multiple main storyline missions, side missions, point-of-interest objects and tutorials
  • Devised a storyline and wrote all of the dialogue for the game’s collectible audio logs
  • Worked with the narrative team to process feedback, brainstorm solutions and implement changes to improve the story
  • Implemented branching dialogue and mission progression via visual scripting
  • Fixed both narrative and mission/level design bugs in script and Maya
  • Implemented POI and objective markers across the game in Maya
  • Imported dialogue into the game with proprietary tools and fixed audio/dialogue bugs in Wwise
ARK: Survival Evolved
Studio Wildcard
Role: Writer
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
May 2016 – Feb. 2017

ARK is a multiplayer survival game for the PC and Xbox One with over 9 million players. I was hired to work remotely as a writer under contract, and wrote content for ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK: Scorched Earth and ARK: Aberration.


  • Wrote over 350 in-game journal entries or “Explorer Notes” for multiple characters in ARK and its expansions
  • Used said journal entries to craft a cohesive and coherent narrative for ARK and expand on its lore
  • Wrote “Dino Dossier” in-game and promo documents describing new creatures that were being introduced to the game and its expansions
Unannounced Title
Human Head Studios
Role: Level Designer
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Jan. 2015 – Feb. 2016

I assisted in prototyping several unannounced and unreleased games, from a third-person action game to a virtual reality title.


  • Designed, blocked out, and decorated prototype/demo levels demonstrating gameplay
  • Prototyped mechanics and HUD elements in Unreal Blueprint and created cinematics in Unreal Matinee
Lost Within
Human Head Studios
Role: Scripter / Designer
Engine: Unity
July 2014 – Jan. 2015

Lost Within is a horror game created in Unity for iOS and Amazon Fire devices. As players explore an abandoned asylum, they use stealth and crafting mechanics to survive encounters with deadly monsters. I joined the team during the game’s Alpha phase.


  • Scripted and debugged various in-game events, AI encounters, and cinematic sequences across all 28 levels in C#
  • Designed and implemented 4 encounters and blocked out 5 levels in the final act of the game
  • Resolved the most bugs on the team
  • Worked with artists to implement and polish cameras and animations in cinematic sequences
  • Helped edit and implement sound effects and voice-over
  • Implemented occlusion culling across all levels and helped optimize performance
  • Debugged and optimized navigation meshes for various levels
  • Provided voice acting for a major character (The Man in the Water) and several supporting characters


Game Engines and Editors
Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Unreal Engine 3, Source SDK, Gamebryo, RAD Tools (proprietary)

C#, Lua, UnrealScript, Unreal Blueprint, Unreal Kismet, RAD Script (visual)

Revision Control Software
Perforce, Subversion

Digital Art Software
Photoshop, 3DS Max, NifSkope

Creative Skills
Creative Writing, Voice Acting

Microsoft Office Applications
Excel, PowerPoint, Word

Audio and Video Editing
Adobe Audition, Audacity, Audiokinetic Wwise, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere


Moon and Star
Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Development Time: 8 weeks, 2014

“Moon and Star” is a single player mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that offers players a branching main quest, a village, multiple side quests and a dungeon that features new mechanics and challenges. It has received over 350,000 downloads and won the Guildhall at SMU’s Level Design Honors Award, given to only one level designer in each graduating class.

Design Goals

  • Offer a main quest that encourages player agency and has consequences for the player’s actions
  • Create a living, breathing village populated with 7 fully voiced NPCs and 4 side quests
  • Design and implement a new puzzle mechanic
  • Design and implement a unique and challenging boss fight
  • Fully integrate the mod with Skyrim proper and keep it consistent with Skyrim’s lore, style and visual quality
Cole Train Saves the World
Game: Gears of War
Development Time: 6 weeks, 2013

“Cole Train Saves the World” is a level that turns Gears of War into a top-down, arcade shooter. It includes three power-ups – a spread shot, flamethrower, and superbomb – a custom menu, old-school sound effects, and custom HUD elements.

Design Goals

  • Use Kismet to turn Gears of War into a completely different game
  • Create a fun, arcade atmosphere
  • Convey an entirely new style of play to the player through HUD, sound and visuals
  • Create a smooth, but challenging difficulty curve
  • Deliver over-the-top fun
Game: Unreal Tournament III
Development Time: 5 weeks, 2013

“Gatekeeper” is a 8-12 person level in Unreal Tournament III designed primarily for Capture the Flag. It features two bases on opposite sides of a river, with a pair of gongs that control the bases’ front gates on a bridge in the center of the map.

Design Goals

  • Create a CTF map that emphasized teamwork
  • Add strategic map control to a CTF map that was not centered around power-up/weapon control
  • Create a map with lanes, zones and gameplay loops that suit all play-styles (sniping, close quarters, mid-range)
  • Create effective gameplay loops both for CTF and Team Deathmatch
  • Use lighting to guide the player through the map and highlight key areas
  • Create a visually appealing environment that players enjoy spending time in


Southern Methodist University, Plano, Texas

Program: The Guildhall
Focus: Level Design
Cumulative GPA: 3.88

Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Majors: Economics & English
Minor: Film Studies
Cumulative GPA: 3.42

Hopkins High School, Hopkins, Minnesota

Honors Graduate
Cumulative GPA: 3.84

Honors and Awards

Other Interests

Level Design Honors Award (Spring 2014)
Dean’s List (Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010)
Men’s Track and Field All-NESCAC Team (2008 and 2010)
AP Scholar with Distinction (2006)
Most Valuable Player, Men’s Varsity Track and Field (2006)
Weight Training